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Sugar, Sugar is a Flash Game (That's also been ported to mobile devices) where you draw lines to make sugar go into cups


Sugar, Sugar consists of a medium main platform with 2 low soft platform on each side (4 in total), with hazards on, there will be a faucet at the too of the stage that occasionally spits out sugar, the sugar will fall down and land into the cup, if you touch the sugar while its falling, you will be put into hitstop for a few frames for every piece of sugar touched (Note: the cup will not be there on the Hazards off version)


Sugar, Sugar is based off a level in Sugar, Sugar


The Sugar, Sugar Theme will play on this stage, link


  • Like in Sugar, Sugar, the color of the Stage will change every time you play on the stage
  • Even though the cup has a infinity sign on it, that is not something that appears in the original game
  • Since the platforms are made out of lines, you can fall through the open gaps on them if your small enough

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